Track 3: Tres Generaciones

Richard Chavez holds photo of his father
Richard holds photo of his father, 2007
Richard shows backside of photo dated Jan 26, 1945
Backside of photo, 2007

We are on the block where the Chavez family have made their home for three generations. Second generation resident, Delia and her son Richard, share their photo album with me to get a glimpse of not only of their lives, but of the changing environment. The barrio has seen the mass displacement of residents since the construction of Interstate 5 and the Coronado Bridge. But the Chavez family is one family whose roots have remained in place. They tell us their reasons of wanting to stay despite the fact that the area has gone from being a quite neighborhood, to a place where one is constantly disrupted by traffic, trolleys, and trains. Not even multiple offers by developers eager to get hold of their property can convince them to leave their home.

Delia Chavez's photo album, 2013
Delia Chavez's photo album, 2013
Delia holds recuerdo from husband's funeral
Delia's recuerdo from husband's funeral, 2013
The Chavez's celebrate, 2013
Black and white photo of Delia's parents in Logan Height
Delia's parents immigrate to Logan from Mexico, 2013