Track 7: Environmental Justice

Part 1: Race & Place

Part 2: Shipyards & The Buffer Zone

Part 3: Sensing Toxicity

Portrait of Maria Moya
Maria Moya, EHC Community Organizer, 2013
Portrait of Georgette Gómez
Georgette Gómez after Alt 1 gets adopted in City Hall, 2013
Image of three Alt 2 supporters wearing shirts that read 'Yes on 2.'
Gary Lessley (left) outside City Hall supporting Alt 2, 2013
Hector Villegas' signs reads 'Alt #1  = Family Community Healthy Future.'
Resident Hector Villegas protests against Alt 2, 2013

On this track, Georgette Gómez, Associate Director of the Environmental Health Coalition (EHC), and Community Organizer Maria Moya explain the dangers of toxic industries in the Barrio and the work that has been done to clean up Barrio Logan and educate the community. They discuss a recently proposed plan to separate industrial sites from residential and communal areas. I also interview local works and residents about the struggle to find a balance between the needed industries while maintaining a healthy living environment.

Protest sign painted on USPS Flat Rate Box of young woman wearing air mask. Sign reads: Don't encroach on my future!
Protesting against polluting industries in Barrio Logan, 2013